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Yellow Ostrich make well-crafted off-kilter-ness.

March 28, 2011
New York's (via Wisconsin) Yellow Ostrich is the work of the forever prolific Alex Shaaf. He's self-released a TON of stuff (six records in 2010 alone!) so I wasn't just saying "prolific" to say "prolific," know what I'm saying?

Live, Shaaf works with drummer Michael Tapper (of course that's his last name) who is (was?) in We Are Scientists and Bishop Allen.

Together, Yellow Ostrich creates mostly mellow music that's looped and layered and kind of lo-fi folk-y. It's also got a pleasant eccentric vibe about it that makes you want to listen to these well-crafted songs with wide, bemused eyes.

I don't know what other bands Yellow Ostrich sounds like, so don't ask me. I will say that if you like your melodic pop to come with texture and substance and just a bit of off-kilter-ness, Yellow Ostrich might be the band for you.

Yellow Ostrich play Andrew Rafacz Gallery, on Tuesday, April 5th


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