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Gold Panda brings the beats.

March 21, 2011
And... boom goes the beat! Gold Panda is the one-man laptop band of East London's Derwin Panda. Some would call him a DJ and not even a band at all. I call him good.

Like most (relatively) successful electro artists, Panda got his start doing remix work (for Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, Telepathe etc...). But these days he's mostly going original. And his original beats pretty much just JAM out.

These instrumental songs are kind of dancey, sort of glitchy, come with lots of samples, and have a little bit of that mashed-up hip-hopness feel thrown in the mix, too. It's kind of scatterbrained, in a super sweet way. So think more Aphex Twin than, uh, maybe Boys Noize.

Gold Panda has recently played shows with HEALTH, Indian Jewlery and Autolux. So, you know, this is "indie approved." And while we don't really know what "indie approved" means, we think it might mean something special to people who feel insecure about liking electronic music. No one is judging you for liking electro, kewl kid! Sheesh.

Gold Panda plays Schubas, on Tuesday, March 29th.


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