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Wolf Eyes: brutal...just brutal.

February 7, 2011
Detroit's Wolf Eyes generate their incomprehensibly brutal industrial noise from guitars, tapes, electronics, programming, horns and mouth. This is music that is meant to hurt as the song titles "Stabbed in the Face," "Black Vomit," and "Urine Burn" subtly suggest. Hardcore kids are relegated to whining wimps when these guys play at full volume. It's brutal, it's scathing, and it almost makes you pissed off that you're listening to it.

Some have called Wolf Eyes the "heaviest punk band ever" and that's probably without exaggeration. They pierce your ears better than Claire's Boutique ever could. If you're the type that thinks we live in an ugly, decaying world where everything is pretty much fucked, listen to Wolf Eyes. They'll validate your feelings.

Wolf Eyes play Abbey Pub, on Saturday, February 19th.


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