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Future Islands: WHAM that's good music!

February 7, 2011
Apparently, when describing the sound of Future Islands, you have to have the word "wave" in there somewhere, and not the "Hi, I'm from Baltimore," kind of wave that normally accompanies a salutation. No, this is more the "playful synths, punchy bass lines and staccato singing styles which may or may not have been recorded in the '80s," kind of wave.

So call Future Islands post-wave, party-wave, new-fashioned-wave or wave-core, but just make sure that word makes it in. So anyway, these Maryland men are part of the eclectically electric Wham City community and tour a lot with their pal, Dan Deacon. Do you like Dan Deacon?

Singer Sam Herring often gets compared to a soul singer because he puts feeling into it and his voice sometimes crackles and pops. But to me, the singer just sings like he's actually happy to be up there, you know, singing. Yet, perhaps this happiness is the true essence of what being a soul singer is truly all about, which leads to the true meaning of Christmas, which is what makes time travel possible.

You better believe that there is no better way to wave the night away than to see Future Islands play. Phew.

Future Islands play Empty Bottle, on Saturday, February 19th.


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