Kiss Me Deadly's cornerstone are catchy hooks. - Oh My Rockness

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Kiss Me Deadly's cornerstone are catchy hooks.

November 16, 2005
Kiss Me Deadly's latest, Misty Medley, has been called Alien8's poppiest release to date. I'm not sure how you can get any poppier than The Unicorns, but this band sure comes pretty close. What's immediately striking about this Montreal quartet, in addition to their preference for tag team male/female vocals, is how positively pleasant their guitar solos are.

Most of their four- to five-minute songs use catchy hooks as their cornerstone, while programmed, danceable beats provide the rest of the foundation. The band was handpicked by Bloc Party to support them on their recent North American tour, and they have recently played with Enon, Pinback, and Constantines. Call this up-tempo dance rock if you will, but ultimately Kiss Me Deadly is simply an entirely listenable band that plays easily likeable songs.

Kiss Me Deadly play Schuba's, Friday, November 18th.


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