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When Cave was King: Grinderman.

November 15, 2010
Grinderman are a noisy/bluesy/garage/punk band from that was formed by Nick Cave. You may remember that Nick Cave made his name from the noisy/bluesy/ garage/punk band called The Birthday Party. So if you like that seminal band, you'll like the raucous rock of Grinderman.

But with these guys, think more rock and less gloom. The group of dudes also features the ferocious guitar talents of Warren Ellis, who was a member of Cave's other highly-influential band, The Bad Seeds.

Grinderman is pure, raw rock 'n roll. Their stripped-down sound features those classic guitar solos you thought were buried years ago, and their lyrical content of love pulls no punches. They have "No Pussy Blues" after all, or so Cave claims as he belts out these sexed-up jams. Take your "hog" for a spin and go see these guys.

Tame Impala play The Riveria, on Monday, November 22nd


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