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Class Actress does slow electro dance booms.

November 8, 2010
Bek Andersen
Brooklyn's Class Actress is some pretty perfect popness from the exceptionally talented singer/songwriter Elizabeth Harper. With the recent additions of machine players/producers Mark Richardson & Scott Rosenthal, Class Actress is now a full-blown band sent directly from heaven to bring ecstasy to your electro-pop bodies. (Wow, that was dramatic.)

Harper's perfectly catchy but slightly melancholy pop --- with just the right dash of intoxicating seduction --- has drawn comparisons to old pop heavyweights like The Smiths and New Order. And a more contemporary Chairlift comparison seems to crop up regularly when musing melodically about Class Actress.

Well whoever they might sound like, Class Actress is what I want to listen to on the dance floor --- because their songs are kind of slow in that slow, dance-y way --- and I can't dance to those fast dance songs that go BOOM BOOM CRASH BOOM very well. Quick boom-boom rhythms just aren't my body's forte.

Class Actress play The Empty Bottle, on Monday, November 15th.


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