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Real Estate are great. You

October 14, 2010
No, not the new abbreviated incarnation of Sunny Day Real Estate. Real Estate is a different band. But they're just as sunny, all the same.

A breezy, easy-feeling group out of New Jersey, this band plays pretty carefree sunshine-y pop with a little hint of psych-ness (and maybe a little surf). Their music will set you adrift on memory bliss (where, oh where, have you gone, P.M. Dawn?).

With songs about beaches and pools and lakes (not to mention one about "suburban beverages") this is a band that's fully aware that laid-back is the best bet. And really, you're not going to expect much in-your-face angst from a band that lists the Doobie Brothers as an influence ("woah-oh-oh, listen to the music!").

Real Estate makes music meant for summertime floating; an inner tube hugging your butt and a coozy nestled calmly between your thighs (wait, I think I just described Prince by accident). Did anyone out there ever listen to that band, The Kingsbury Manx? Real Estate have a similar vibe to them. They're just kind of, you know, easy.

Real Estate play Metro, on Friday, October 22nd.


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