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Gayngs is one big ass band.

September 27, 2010
The band GAYNGS certainly is one; upwards of twenty-five members make up this big-ass band. And GAYNGS is a band's band. The group features members of many, many other bands including Bon Iver (Justin Vernon himself blasts some of his falsettos throughout these tracks), Megafaun, Solid Gold, P.O.S., and The Rosebuds to name but just a few of the most recognizable ones.

The music this collective makes sounds like straight-up keyboard sex. It's all seductive and stuff. Sometimes it sounds just like the "samba" setting on the old Casio I had as a kid. Weird.

Obviously there's more than keyboards going on here, because twenty-five members can't all be playing keys (although that would sound kind of awesome... 777 Keys... make it happen, Boredoms!). But if you think I'm going to write out all the dozens of different instruments this band plays, well, hmmm... I guess I could. It's not like I have anything else going on. But I won't, for your sake.

Anyway, GAYNGS also reminds me of that George Michael's classic "Careless Whisper," which wasn't so much a song as it was a musical sex fest. I never particularly liked that song; it made me feel funny inside. But I like GAYNGS. There's something about their chill, slow jams that feels just right for these sticky nights.

Oh yeah, there's a little bit of psych-ness going on here too. So maybe let's just end this by calling GAYNGS keyboard-psych-sex. Yeah, that's the money line. That's the money line indeed.


Gayngs play Metro, on Thursday, September 30th.


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