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Twin Sister brings the warmness.

August 16, 2010
Here's some warmness right here. Twin Sister is a NYC band led by front-woman Andrea Estella. And her luminescent laid-back vocals are the main source of that melodic warmness. The carefree bass thumps (played by Gabel D'Amico), chilled-out guitar riffs (Eric Cardona), sweet keys (Udbhav Gupta) and well-timed drum taps (Bryan Ujueta) don't hurt the warmness either.

But we're not just talking moderate temperature here. With Twin Sister, there's lots of illumination going on, too. Their catchy songs are bright like a contained living room fireplace. Their twinkling choruses glitter like a well-behaved backyard 4th of July celebration.

No, Twin Sister's melodic warmth and heat won't produce shock and awe. But they will produce calm and contentment. And sometimes that's what you want out of your rock 'n roll band. You can watch stage SEX and DRUGS and BOOZE all the time. With Twin Sister, you'll get radiated by rock that brims with soft light and comfortable heat. Light and heat. Just think light and heat.

Also playing this show at Cameo Gallery are two other exceptional bands: Toro y Moi and Grandchildren! Click on the band name to learn more about why we think those two bands rule too! Anyway, we'll definitely be at this show. Will you?

Twin Sister plays (with Memoryhouse and Yawn) Lincoln Hall, on Saturday, August 28th.


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