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31Knots play those rare jazzy jams that don't suck

October 20, 2005
Portland's 31Knots have just released their best album (Talk Like Blood) for their new label (Polyvinyl), are fresh off a successful European tour with Q and Not U, and just rocked a sold-out show in Tokyo. Though they've been around since 1997, these guys have definitely stepped it up a notch and have taken things to the next level.

31Knots' "prog" pop sound with a heavy lyrical emphasis has been compared to bands like Modest Mouse, Cursive, and even, Yes (see Buffalo '66). They like to throw in some good old-fashioned math rock and instrumental trickery just to jazz things up a bit, but ultimately, these guys just play good, extended pop jams.

31Knots play The Note, Friday, October 21st.


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