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Autolux: criminally underappreciated

August 9, 2010
One of our favorite bands (especially Rockness Claire!), L.A.'s Autolux play layered guitar rock that crunches like Smashing Pumpkins, gazes like The Jesus & Mary Chain, and borrows some of Sonic Youth's nice and noisy feedback.

The trio (guitar/bass/drums) all share singing duties in this band, and their peaceful male/female/male vocals float perfectly over the music's loud melodic drones and freakouts. In other words, the music can be heavy and experimental, but the voices are always pretty.

Though Autolux are surprisingly under-the-radar on the East Coast, they've definitely played some big shows all over the world, including Coachella and All Tomorrow's Parties (a couple times). And even Trent Reznor picked these guys to open for him on tour a few years back. It's not too late to get on the Autolux train. Go see them play.

Autolux plays the Bottom Lounge, on Friday, August 20th.


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