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Tight Phantomz lead their axes towards classic rock magic

October 6, 2005
Chicago's Tight Phantomz are making hot 'n' sweaty 70's rock cool again (as if it ever wasn't!). Featuring former members (including leader Mike Lust) of the ever-effervescent Lustre King, Tight Phantomz seriously kick out the grimy jams, forming classic rock magic with a BANG out of smoggy, distorted air. This is music led by AXES, not guitars.

Tight Phantomz could easily get on tour with "dirty bands" like Rye Coalition and Death From Above 1979, and should think about forming a ZZ Top or Skynard cover band on the side. There's a lot of muscle in these power chord riffs, but also a hint of spookiness that would even make Black Heart Procession proud. They (along with city mates, The Ponys) are bringing the hardworking grubby rock back to Chi-town. You'll need a shower after this show.

Tight Phantomz play Subterranean, Saturday, October 8th.


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