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Avi Buffalo: the young old and/or the old young.

April 5, 2010
When I first heard Long Beach's Avi Buffalo, I swore the guy singing (Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg... or, you know, Avi Buffalo) was at least forty years old. He just had that forty-year-old dude's voice. Imagine my surprise when I found out he was nineteen. Nineteen! Ok, surprise is the wrong word. I wasn't like "GASP!!!!!" I was more like, "Huh."

Anyway, I then found out that their debut is coming out on Sub Pop. And I thought, "Of course it is!" and wasn't surprised at all. Because, you see, Avi Buffalo's pleasant country pop fits nicely alongside Band Of Horses and those Grand Archives guys, both Sub Pop peeps.

Adding to my misperception, both of those bands also sound old (because they both sound like Neil Young, and that dude is OLD), so maybe that's why I thought Avi Buffalo (also a band... there're 4 of them including Avi) was such an oldie olson.

But moving on from the old thing, the main thing you should take away from Avi Buffalo is that their songs will make you happy. Perhaps that's the biggest difference between these guys and those other country-pop guys. Band of Horses always made me feel kind of melancholy and stuff.

As of this writing, Avi Buffalo is touring it up with Japandroids. That band makes me happy too. So let's hear it for young happy guys that... sound old!


Avi Buffalo play Lincoln Hall, on Friday, April 9th.


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