Band We Like: The Beths - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: The Beths

October 7, 2018

Written by Patrick McNamara

The Beths are a real good lo-fi power pop crew from Auckland, New Zealand.*

Listen to this band and you will never be in a bad mood again -- so help me blob.

Thanks to my herculean efforts copying / pasting / posting it for you below, you can blast their dope album Future Me Hates Me (via Carpark) whenever you're ready for a happier time.

Welcome to the (jubilant) jangle!

*just 8,936.69 miles away from Brooklyn in current traffic

The Players:

Elizabeth Stokes (guitars / vocals / songwriter)

Jonathan Pearce (guitars)

Benjamin Sinclair (bass)

Ivan Luketina-Johnston (drums)


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