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Band We Like: No Vacation

Please note: this band rules.

February 18, 2018

Written by Patrick McNamara

The Vacation. Vacation. Vacations. Vacationer. On Vacation. Super Vacations. Space Vacation. Basic Vacation. Cult Vacation. Death Vacation. Vacation Jason. Better stop at Vacation Jason.

These are some of the good Vacation band names we've listed on Oh My Rockness over the years.

And now comes......Brooklyn's (via San Francisco) No Vacation.

Guess what, though.

There's plenty of room in your heart to love one more Vacation band!

Especially if you love good dream pop (with pretty guitar parts and plenty of emo ennui).

And who doesn't love dream pop? What are you, some kind of monster? Next thing you'll tell me you don't like vacation.


Yes, vacation. 100% in favor of vacation. Vacation Then. Vacation Now. Vacation Forever.

Please love listening to No Vacation's EP below (via the always excellent Topshelf Records).

Spoiler: it's good.

The Players:

Sabrina Mai / Marisa Saunders / Nat Lee / Harrison Spencer


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