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Palaxy Tracks bring their soft sounds to Double Door.

September 22, 2005
Austin/Chicago's Palaxy Tracks are a great band and it's a shame they're so under the radar. They create gentle music with that crisp indie guitar sound (think American Football, Bedhead, or more recently, Okkervil River) that makes for an incredibly enjoyable listen.

Front man Brandon Durham's calm, delicate vocals glide over melancholic instrumentation as he wistfully sings poetic songs about loss, heartbreak, and just general malaise.

I fully expected this band to be huge (or at least headliners of their own show) after the release of two completely solid albums, Cedarland and Twelve Rooms, but for some reason it hasn't really happened for them yet. It must be poor marketing or bad luck because it certainly isn't lack of talent. Their songs don't suck and their melodies get stuck in your head for days.

Palaxy Tracks play Double Door, Thursday, September 29th.


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