Band We Like: Lala Lala - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Lala Lala

The punk rock.

August 6, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Lala Lala is a DIY punk band from Chicago. You should get into them if you like getting into good bands.

You heard it here FOURTH.

Think lo-fi grunge with plenty of pop melodies floating above the muddled goodness and you might be thinking right.

Listen to the band's latest album “Sleepyhead" below. You will like it.

(If you don't, please let me know what's wrong with you in the comments section we've never had.)

RIYL: Girlpool * Mamas and the Papas * Palm * Pile * Chastity Belt * Vagabon * Cherry Glazerr * Hoops * Surf Curse * Good Bands

The Players:

Lillie West

Karla Bernasconi

Abby Black


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