ARTIST WE LIKE: Aldous Harding - Oh My Rockness

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ARTIST WE LIKE: Aldous Harding

File Under: Moody Goodness

April 30, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Aldous Harding is an artist from New Zealand who makes haunting / moody / brooding musical goodness that gets under your skin and chills there for awhile.

She also has a really good voice.

Harding's music (which is kind of indescribable, IMO) has been described as gothic acid folk.* Sure, that sounds good! Whatever best makes you give this a chance.

Please blast a solid jam below from Aldous Harding's album “Party" (via 4AD) below. It's a grower. Give it space. Give it time. You will come to love it. I know you will. I believe in you.

RIYL: Perfume Genius / Juile Byrne / Weyes Blood / Molly Burch / Youth Lagoon

*source: The Face Book (let me know if you need an invite)


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