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Tom Vek plays Schuba's

September 15, 2005
London's Tom Vek is the young vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who's making the music that everyone in the clubs has been buzzing about. Well, word is definitely about to hit the general populace about this guy and his self-described "white boy funk rock."

Vek's hyper-dance feel is a hybrid of garage rock and electro pop. Comparisons are already being made to everyone from Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand to LCD Soundsystem. In other words, the hype machine is in full-effect. He's even been referred to as "the London Beck." Perhaps this comparison is more enticing for reviewers since Vek and Beck also happen to rhyme (and we all know rhymes makes good headlines!).

Whatever the comparisons may be, Vek certainly produces dizzying sounds that can be euphoric when listened to loudly. These notes are made primarily from synth riffs, hi-hats, electro-groove beats, and deranged distortion. Let's call seeing a Tom Vek show a "romp fest of pure delight." That sounds pretty good.

Tom Vek plays Schuba's, Tuesday, September 20th.


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