Band We Like: Jackal Onasis - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Jackal Onasis

March 12, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Jackal Onasis is a good band from NYC.

Give them a blast and you will be rewarded with thick fuzz swirls over pretty melodies.

Doesn't that sound good?

Spoiler: it is.

The Players:

Jordyn Blakey (vox / drums)

Alex Molini (vox / guitar)

Ghoul Man (bass)

I really like their debut EP “Big Deal Party" released by Exploding In Sound (a good Brooklyn based independent record label that's been home to some of my favorite current punk / punkish bands for awhile now) and therefore I want to give you this solid opportunity to really like it too.

So listen below.

You'll like it.

(if you don't, I don't wanna hang out anymore)

RIYL: Heavy Grungy Shoegazey* Goodness

File Next To: Stove

*shoegazey is totally a word, Kevin Shields told me so in a wonderful dream


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