Band We Like: Olivia Neutron-John - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Olivia Neutron-John

January 22, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

Are you ready?

I'm going to need a verbal confirmation before you blast Olivia Neutron-John's goodness.

You won't be able to handle this dope dark melodic mayhem -- beats & keys made possible by D.C.'s Anna Nasty -- if you're caught even the slightest bit unawares.

So....I ask you again.

Are you ready?

(you say you're ready)

OK. You asked for it.

Blast "16 BEAT" below.

Please note: it rules.

(P.S. ------ Olivia Neutron-John should tour with Proton Travolta sometime ----------)

(P.S.S. ------- anyone want to be in my band Proton Travolta? -------------)


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