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Band We Like

Band We Like: The Paranoyds

December 4, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

The Paranoyds is a good post ____ band from Los Angeles. You should get into them.

Think lo-fi fuzz meets heavy psych goodness meets slacker pop meets punk gaze.

Now think of other good things and there you go that's this band!

Since forming sometime circa 2015 A.D. The Paranoyds have played a ton of shows (we've listed like twenty shows for them on OMR LA this year alone), sharing bills with a bunch of boss bands including DIIV, La Sera and Sunflower Bean.

If you want a new band that ain't afraid to blitz out and let it ride, why aren't you listening to The Paranoyds right now?

Is it just because you haven't been introduced to them yet? OK! I can fix that.

Please enjoy blasting their latest EP.

I should warn you, though. It's quite good.

Please also enjoy blasting their other EP.

Don't get upset - but this one rules too.

Thanks for blasting.

Now get off your butt and go see The Paranoyds straight rip it live early / often / forever.



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