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Neon Indian blisses out.

October 19, 2009
Neon Indian is a blissed-out pop duo consisting of some dude who's believed to be in that Austin band VEGA (don't know 'em) and some nameless woman who's believed to be from Brooklyn. Now, that description is deliberately vague because Neon Indian apparently aims to be one of those "we're all secretive and enigmatic and stuff" kinds of bands. You know, like that new-ish band The Golden Filter and, uh, that old-ish dude Jandek.

But the silly masked identity thing aside (please don't wear sunglasses over bear masks on stage, guys), Neon Indian sure knows how to write a pretty perfect electro-pop song. Actually, they sure know how to write about twelve perfect electro pop songs, because that's how many songs are on their brilliant debut Psychic Chasms. The songs are smooth like Washed Out's songs.

You can put Neon Indian on play and let yourself go to a more relaxed state without even really trying. Their silky synth jams and mellow vocals are akin to surfing a perfect wave of chamomile tea, but instead of a board (too dangerous) you surf on your La-Z-Boy. Oh yeah, Neon Indian is just like that.

And we'll find out their back story soon enough. These two will be too popular to keep their identity secret much longer. Some day soon, the masks will come off to REVEAL ---- a dude from VEGA and a woman from Brooklyn. Dag.


Neon Indian play Lincoln Hall, on Tuesday, October 27th.


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