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Drink Up Buttercup --- before the Oompa Loompas getcha!

September 28, 2009
Philadelphia's Drink Up Buttercup is an interesting band. Perhaps you can call this sprawling psych-pop (lots of keys and things), but psych tends to infer a degree of seriousness. These guys make music that is definitely more playful than that genre suggests.

We wonder if these five members listened to a lot of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" before writing these songs? Then again, who hasn't listened to that album a million times (and if you haven't, what's your deal, dude?).

There's a sense of bewildering whimsy with Drink Up Buttercup. Their music can be likened to the popular roadside carnival ride, The Gravitron. It's fun, but it's also kind of crazy ("I paid $4.00 to be spun around super fast? Uh-oh, there goes the sauerkraut.").

Of course, Drink Up Buttercup will not make you puke. And you can quote us on that. It's always refreshing to listen to a new band that makes you scratch your head at first. We didn't get it, but now we think we got it. Drink Up Buttercup is just fun. Plus, the singer sometimes sounds like David Bowie. So that's cool.

Drink Up Buttercup play Ronnys, on Saturday, October 3rd


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