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Sunny Day Real Estate reunites!

September 21, 2009
OOOOH IIIIII DREAMMED TO HEAL YOUR WOOOOUNNNNDS! BUT I BLEED MYSELF! BUT IIIIIII BLEEED MYYYYYSELLLLFFFF! And that, in a nutshell, was the wonder that was Sunny Day Real Estate, the most rocking and completely "emo" band of the 1990s. All us high school- and college-aged "alt" kids gladly tore our out broken hearts right alongside this band.

But it's time to start talking about them in present tense again, because SDRE have reunited after almost a decade of dormancy. Are you shocked? Neither am I. Jeremy Enigk and his crew (which included a couple of future, now former, Foos) put out two really good albums (Diary and LP2, a.k.a. "The Pink Album"), one pretty good album (How it Feels to Be Something On), and one really average album (The Rising Tide - that had only one good song on it, appropriately named "One").

I saw them a couple times back in their heyday and they killed it, of course. They rocked so many insanely catchy guitar riffs, often starting all quiet and pretty before exploding into something really LOUD.

Live, you wanted to think Jeremy Enigk couldn't hit all those crazy high notes (the only way to truly convey his pain and forlornness) that he does on his records. But the man pulled it off. And even though he's ten years older than the last time I saw him with Sunny Day (not counting his solo show I went to more recently), I'm betting he's still got the vocal chops.

Why do so many twenty-eight to thirty-five-year-olds revere this band so much? Well, maybe it's because of lyrics like, "DISCOMFORT COMES CLEARLYYYYYY WHEN IIIIIIII SHOUTTTTTTT!" (I think he says "when I shout" at the end there, but I wasn't ever really sure. Even after over five thousand listens, maybe it's "when I shower.") Ah, what a good band.


Sunny Day Real Estate play the Metro, on Thursday, September 24th.


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