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The Double Either Frustrate or Elate: You Can Be the Judge

September 1, 2005
The New York band that Interpol called the "next big thing" used to do the whole standard, math-rock, angular thing until their drummer broke his hand. He was no longer able to drum, but they still wanted to record, so they had to call an audible and improvise. The broken bone turned out to be serendipity for The Double. They have evolved from a band sounding like a whole lot of other bands to a band sounding a lot more fucked up (in a good way) thanks to their new respect for drum machines, glitchy keyboards and computer programming.

While The Double's songs often sound like a collage of noise, you're pretty sure that buried deep beneath all their antics is a song with a structure and melody. They aren't an easy listen, but they're an intriguing one. They sound like Smog on drugs. Oh wait, Smog's probably already on drugs... nevermind.

The Double play Empty Bottle, Tuesday, September 6th.


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