Band We Like: Feels - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Feels

February 14, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

This band gives me all the _____.

Feels is a super good garage psych post ____ band from Los Angeles (Echo Park REPRESENT) whose upcoming debut album (on Castle Face) was produced by the mighty Ty Segall.

The band of four (who used to go by Raw Geronimo and are not to be confused with some Canadian instrumentalist dude also called Feels) come at you with super dope swirling scuzz over hooks, tight harmonies and semi-restrained aggression. And the best part? You can totally sing along if you want to. (I do want to as I have a lovely singing voice and I don't care who knows it.)

The outer edges of the knowable galaxy is the limit for this band. You see, Feels has recently booked big time shows with Drive Like Jehu (!) + Ty Segall (that guy again - click his name if you like reading 7-year-old band profiles) + The Lemonheads + The Coathangers + Lou Barlow + Cherry Glazerr + Bleached + Peach Kelli Pop + La Sera + Cat Power + Sheer Mag + Royal Trux + Screaming Females + DAMN this band isn't messing around with the good shows (they WERE on our list of 2015's Hardest-Working Bands in L.A. after all).

Do to my Herculean efforts navigating the wilds of The Inter Netz I was able to source two super good Feels song for you to stream RIGHT NOW. You can thank me for being so good to you if you want but most of the credit should be really reserved for Feels since they're the ones who wrote the jams. Either way. Just be sure to show your appreciation to somebody for a band like this existing.

The Players:

Laena Geronimo (vocals -- formerly of the band The Like and daughter of the late Alan Myers of Devo)

Shannon Lay (guitars/keys)

Michael Rudes (drums)

Amy Allen (bass)

File Under: GOOD SHIT


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