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Band We Like: Naked Naps

February 7, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Naked Naps is an upbeat math rock duo from Raleigh, North Carolina. They write jams that are angular and tight and melodic and listening to them will probably put you in a better mood (depending on the weight of what you carry). Consider getting into this goodness.

Let's talk about about the players involved. Please note: this section will be short as there are only two. Catie Yerks sings and plays guitar. John Meier plays drums. Combining forces their crazy tight rhythms fly all over the place. But this isn't just about speed, man. I mentioned they're melodic too which means you can sing along to Yerks' dope vocals. Just be prepared to pause your lovely singing voice whenever Naked Maps go off the rails into carefully considered instrumental chaos. Don't worry though. They'll get back to the melody eventually and you can get right back to blasting your lungs out.

The band lists some of their influences as: The Thermals, Ted Leo, Mike Kinsella, Mission of Burma and Fat History Month (source: an intra page called The Face Book that I was able to access with my .edu email account). Sounds good. I hear all that. You bet. And how.

Back in 2014 (I don't remember one thing that happened that year) Naked Naps released a solid eight song record that I'm calling an EP because it was like 13 minutes long (hope that's OK) and you can listen to it here at your leisure if you want.

More recently, though, the band released another eight song humdinger called “The Middle" and since this one clocks in at 22 minutes long (rough calculation - I added the track times in my head super quickly - no calculator required - or “idiot box" as my high school math teacher referred to them), I'm gonna go ahead and call it an album rather than an EP (hope that's OK).

Would you like to listen to Naked Naps now? God , I hope so. Your playing this album right now is pretty much the only way I'll know I did a good job on my music blob today. But no pressure. Whatever you decide Naked Naps and I will get through it.

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