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Band We Like: Surf Rock is Dead

January 17, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Surf Rock is Dead is Kevin Pariso (guitar/vox: he's originally from Chicago and also GO BULLS) and Joel Witenberg (bass/vox: he's from Melbourne and also GO…. hang on hang on researching researching... MELBOURNE UNITED).

Together with a drummer they play jingle jangle pop (some might call it surf rock I don't know I just blob here) that sounds really good on record (more on that in a minute) and maybe even just a tiny little bit better live (more on that now).

So I recently saw Surf Rock is Dead play live and they sounded SOLID (it was our own “Hardest-Working Bands of 2015" show if you must know, I'm just using this opportunity to brag how sick that show was... good job all the bands and us). Kevin and Joel take turns singing and harmonizing together and the first thing that struck me about their set was that they both have lovely voices and I don't know about you but I always appreciate when singers can actually sing.

A few more things then struck me about their set (1. I like the jingle 2. into the jangle 3. these melodies sound good) but then I stopped being struck by things during their set and instead just let myself get caught up in the music while also trying not to get jostled because there were sooooo many people at that awesome show we put on and you see I'm just bragging again, start your own music blob and you can do it too.

Surf Rock is Dead play out a bunch (we listed 23 of their shows in 2015) with good bands and I will tell you some of their names now if that's cool. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah + Day Wave + Mourn + Ski Lodge + Teen Commandments + Haybaby + well, that's plenty of other good band names for now but moving on let's talk about that record!

The band recently released their debut EP. It has four songs on it and they are all GOOD. Would you like to listen to it now if you have thirteen minutes to spare? And then will you consider going to see Surf Rock is Dead play the next time they play and you have a free night to do something dope?

If you answered YES to both of these questions that means I've done a good job today on my music blob.


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