Band We Like: Fern Mayo - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like

Band We Like: Fern Mayo

November 29, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Fern Mayo is a band from Brooklyn that makes good music and by that I mean their songs sound good. Intrigued? I knew it. Let's keep talking.

The crew of three (Katie! Nicholas! Charlie!) started playing shows in 2014 and in between that time and right now (3:31 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) they've shared the stage with the following good bands: Jawbreaker Reunion + Furnsss + PWR BTTM + Tomorrow's Tulips + Izzy True + Washer + Gingerlys + LOTS more - Fern Mayo play a ton of shows - those are just bands I've recently said nice things about that's why their names are linked like that. Feel free to click and read about their goodness too but for god's sake wait until we're done talking about Fern Mayo before you do.

“What do they sound like?" you didn't ask because I'm writing this all alone. Great question. Consider Fern Mayo pop meets grunge meets punk meet fuzz meets jingle meets jangle meets shreds meets my melted face. Hope that helps.

The band (who, as mentioned, is good...don't you forget it) released their debut seven song EP for Miscreant Records (home to: Nicholas Nicholas + Quarterbacks + more) and you can stream the entire thing below. It's all good but I think my favorite song is “Chomping at the Bit" (the perfect scream) if you want to start there but no real worries where you start just so long as you begin.

OK have fun listening now. Turn it up. Works best when you blast it.

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