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Artist We Like: Mal Devisa

November 15, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Northampton's Mal Devisa (given name: Deja Carr) plays hauntingly beautiful lo-fi goodness and makes it using only her amazing voice and her bass guitar. It's pretty and weird and simple and difficult and great.

Since starting to play shows circa 2014 (sharing the stage with Mitski + Forth Wanderers + PWR BTTM + other bands I've recently said nice things about probably), Mal Devisa has self-released two EPs that sparkle with sparse soulful strangeness of the finest kind. I'll let you stream both of them below because I'm always providing nice music discovery services like that. Did I mention her voice is DOPE.

This EP is called “4U" (released May of 2014). The whole thing is good but might I suggest you start with the song Judy Bloom?

And here's “For Daisy With Honey" (released March 2014). It starts with a Feist cover. A fine way to begin.

OK. Have fun listening to good music now.


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