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Band We Like: Laced

November 8, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Laced is a jangly and shivery post ________ punk band comprised of Dustin Payseur (Beach Fossils) + Ryan Naideau (Nude Beach) + Ian Judd (Couple Skate Records). They write good songs - ones that I enjoy listening to. Let's keep talking!

Since forming whenever they formed (I'm going to make an educated guess of 2014 but please don't “quote me" on that) Laced has played a bunch of shows with the following good bands: PC Worship, Sunflower Bean, Parquet Courts, Mourn, Tyvek, Weekend, Pill, The Men. Please enjoy clicking on their names and reading more kind words about those bands but wait till we're done here before you do I thank you. This means that Laced has had plenty of practice and because of this it means they are now good because I'm pretty sure that's the way music/art works.

The band recently released their self-titled debut EP on Bayonet Records (a fine new label run by DP and his wife Katie Garcia and home to good bands such as Warehouse, Jerry Paper, Frankie Cosmos and more - click their names to read kind things about those bands too but again wait till we're done here goddamn it just wait) and it was recorded by Mac DeMarco. Who?

Watch Mac DeMarco Eat Popcorn And Play Jenga With Puppets While Juggling Cigarettes And Covering Sufjan Stevens' Cover of “Hotline Bling" By Drake While Sitting In A Tiny Rowboat.*

You can stream the entire thing below. And I hope you do. Because a good life is about recognizing the opportunities that sometimes come.


*Love you, Mac. And Sufjan too. Not Drake though. Degrassi was before my time.


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