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Lollapalooza has too many bands. We'll just write about one: Boys Noize.

July 27, 2009
It's Lollapalooza week! Go here for all the bands playing! Below we're just going to talk about Boys Noize because, well, the bottle we spun stopped on them.

This is dance music. I'm tempted to end the profile there. Because how much can you really say about dance music?

Sure, I could say that Boys Noize is the moniker of twenty-something German DJ/producer Alexander Ridha, and when he's not doing Boys Noize, he's doing acclaimed remixes for a bunch of big bands like Feist, Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs and putting out records for his label and blah blah blah. But you don't really care and neither do I.

All you need to know or care about is that when this machine-made electro goodness comes on in the club, you're going to want to dance to it. I mean, do you like beats? Do you like bass? Do you like laptop samples and stuff? If you answered yes (and really, who among you is going to claim you don't like beats), then you will like Boys Noize.

He won't replace U2 or REM or XTC or whoever on your all-time favorite list or anything, but when's the last time you sweated your ass off to "With or Without You?" or "Nightswimming?" File under Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism. And then take a minute to wonder why you're filing instead of dancing.

Boys Noize and dozens of other bands play Lollapalooza. Go here for more line-up information.


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