Casiokids make nerdy dance music for cool kids. Or maybe it's cool dance music for nerds. - Oh My Rockness

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Casiokids make nerdy dance music for cool kids. Or maybe it's cool dance music for nerds.

July 27, 2009
Vinciane Vergueten
Casiokids have played two Oh My Rockness shows in the past year, and we're pretty sure we've seen them 3-4 times in addition. And you know, we're still not sick of them. Quote it! If you want to hear some happy electro-dance, Casiokids is your band.

I'm not sure how many of the hot electro-dance-poppers out there have the guts to tour... kindergartens. Yet, the Casiokids collective did just that in tweener schools all over Norway. Talk about pressure. Of course, they play the standard clubs and big festivals like Oya too, so these guys aren't just hip with the Capri Sun set. Many grown-up kids from far beyond their hometown of Bergen (Norway's musical equivalent of Brooklyn circa 2001) are buzzing about this band.

Like kindergarteners, this is a crew that likes to have a good time when they play. They bounce around the stage with the best of them, promoting catchy riffs and happy faces. Using a ton of surreal projected imagery (mostly involving shadow puppets... seriously) and an array of toys-turned-instruments, these guys and girls put on an all-senses show that has been likened to a circus experience.

Thankfully, no elephants are mistreated when Casiokids play. Synths and drum machines, on the other hand, they get whacked like crazy. Influenced by afro-beat, techno and (of course) pop, the band creates catchy little songs that make good accompaniment for your morning trampoline time. They recently released a new single for the perfect label partner, the always-awesome Moshi Moshi (Hot Chip, Metronomy, James Yuill).


Casiokids play Schubas, on Tuesday, August 4th.


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