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Band We Like: Chastity

October 25, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Chastity is the heavy sludged out rock project of one guy (with help from his friends). His name is Brandon Williams and he's from Whitby, Ontario (52 minutes from Toronto in current traffic). If you like shreds and crunches and fuzz surrounded by solid melodies this just might be the new band for you.

As of this writing, Chastity has released only a few songs for streamable consumption. They're still pretty new. I'll go ahead and post three of them below but I have some more things to say first.

The band (live, it's a band - it's gotta be) will release their debut “TAPE" very soon (which, depending on when you read this, might already be in the past) on Hand Drawn Dracula, the record label home for: Greys, Beliefs, Holy Fuck (click that if you like reading eight-year-old band profiles) and more good bands, I'm sure of it.

Too many words? Not enough notes? OK, I hear you and agree with you. Why don't you start by blasting that song “Saliva?" Go ahead. It's right down there. I said I was going to post them and I did it's called #integrity. “Manning Hill" works as a good launch point too if you prefer to approach it that way. But if you start your Chastity experience with “Peroxide," you're going to be massively confused. “I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS WAS HEAVY, BLOBNESS."

It is heavy, brother. When it's not quiet and pretty. Obviously.

In other news, the band recently played with METZ. That's a good sound pairing. I would go to that show. And I'm confident after you listen to Chastity you'll want to go to that show too. Any Chastity show. METZ doesn't have to also play. But if they did play.....

Chastity also recently played with Nai Harvest, a band I literally JUST wrote about. So please enjoy clicking on that link whenever you're done blasting Chastity. No rush or anything, though.

Thank you for listening.

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