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Engine Down plays Bottom Lounge.

August 25, 2005
Engine Down is calling it quits. Always pushing their sound in new directions, Richmond's Engine Down refused to be limited to the guitar, bass and drums of their earlier work. Proving that a post-rock band can still rock, the band wants to go out with a bang. Engine Down has lately incorporated such un-rock instruments as cellos and vibraphones, in addition to a good dose of knob-twiddling, without watering down their advanced sense of rhythm and sumo bass lines. They are much more than just another loud/soft/loud band that will burn out after two albums and a few tours.

A band seeking a new identity and sound is nothing new, but only one in a dozen pull it off. Engine Down is the rare one that does. Their old fans embrace the new sound and a whole new crop of kids are getting into Engine Down 2005-style, just in time to see them hang up their axes for good. It's too bad they're ending just as they were truly getting started.

Engine Down plays Bottom Lounge, Saturday, August 27th.


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