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Band We Like

Band We Like: Downies

May 25, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Downies are four dudes (Greg + Cameron + Dave + Bernard) that play extremely catchy jingle-jangle punk. They're pretty new and they're pretty good. Pretty, pretty, prettyyyyy good. Oh yeah, this band features members of LVL UP and Porches too. Just thought you should know.

What you should totally do is just stream (right now) the band's brand new song “Widow" that I have conveniently posted for you below because I'm always doing sweet things like that. If you don't instantly like what you hear you will never like what you hear and we will never ever ever hang out.

For those of you still with me and who have already started streaming, how good of a song is that? I'll just tell you. It's a #really #good #song. So catchy! The jingles! the jangles! Parquet Courts meets The Vaccines, maybe? Or, I don't know. Whatever bands you think. Also, when are we going to hang out?

Downies have recently played shows with LVL UP and Porches (obvious for obvious reason, obviously) and other good bands too, like Flagland + Sick Feeling + Krill + Big Ups + Warehouse + Baked + Rivergazer + Mitski + I like all those bands that's why they're linked like that.

Also, the majority of the members of Downies live at DIY “music venue" David Blaine's Steakhouse which serves neither steak nor is owned by David Blaine and all we're allowed to tell you is that it's somewhere in Brooklyn. If you want to see a show there just follow your #heart and you'll find it. I believe in you.

(last minute decision: I have also included a playable Downies video in addition to a streamable Downies song at the bottom of this profile, a highly unusual level of sweetness for me, that's how much I like this band)

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RIYL: Downies


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