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Band We Like: The Appleseed Cast

May 17, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

The year is 2015. It is 10:18 AM during the 12th day of May and I am writing a profile on The Appleseed Cast for the first time. That's fucked up because I've been a fan of this band seemingly forever and the days run away like wild horses over the hills*.

However, even though I've been listening to this band for the past 17 years (truth) it's never too late to spread the good news to you via my music blob (thanks for reading). Serendipitously, that I'm finally writing this Band We Like profile now is also timely** because The Appleseed Cast is set to tour in celebration of the 15th anniversary of their best*** album “Mare Vitalis" and they're going to play the whole thing.

That's such a good album. If you're familiar with good emo and/or good post rock and/or good songs you probably already know this. Perhaps you're like me and (even after all these years) when you blast “Fishing the Sky" you still kind of get the chills when they come back to the rock out riff right around the 2:57 mark. The band's like, “surprise (!) you thought we were going to fade away but nope we're not done rocking you out yet and HERE WE GO."

But that's just one song on a very fine ten song album (eleven if you got the vinyl). I could go on about my other favorite hits but you probably have some important shit you're procrastinating doing. So maybe I'll just post the entire album below for old Appleseed Cast listeners to again enjoy (who knew them before the “The" was added to their name) and for any soon-to-be new fans too. I know you're out there somewhere.

And if you like “Mare Vitalis," I have more good news for you. There are seven other good Appleseed Cast albums you can get into. So assuming you can listen to music from wherever you are right now (if you can't you're in the wrong place) you can spend the rest of the day binge listening to them if you want to. Sometimes it pays to be seventeen years late to the party.

Go see The Appleseed Cast play "Mare Vitalis."

(* Hank Buk said that first)

(**all timely claims called off if you are reading this after the summer of 2015 and if you are - how was it?)

***by best, I mean my personal favorite - it was the very first album I bought when I moved to NYC and it will always hold a special place in my heart.


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