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Band We Like: Needs

March 29, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

OOF. This band is a punch in the gut. The good kind. The kind you're ready for. At least you better be. Because Vancouver's Needs are about to bring the punk rock heat. BOOM. BAP. ZAP. CRUNCH. SPLAT. Even late '60s Batman doesn't stand a chance against this shit.

There are five dudes in this band and Sean (vocals) + Derek (guitar) + Colin (guitar) + Glenn (bass) + Devin (drums) sure seem to have fun shredding and shouting and making grimy angry songs sound pretty fucking melodic, all decibels considered. And when bands have fun making shit - we have fun listening to their shit. Don't bother questioning it. The science is too tight.

I'm not sure what other punk bands I should compare Needs to so let's not and instead just say they rule. That right there should be more than enough to decide if you need this band in your life. Tip. If your life is boring, you might.

Fine. For those who need just a little bit more to go on besides "this band rules" (even though that's plenty) please enjoy blasting two shred songs from their upcoming self-titled debut on File Under: Music. I hope they also help you in determining if Needs are the right band 4 U 2.

(Please pay particular attention to the first song "The Only Good Condo Is a Dead Condo" because that title is even better than this wonderfully written band profile. You don't have to grade it. It's an A.)

(And by the way, this upcoming record is going to slay.)



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