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Ricky Eat Acid

December 21, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Ricky Eat Acid is the exquisitely crafted post-pastoral* work of Maryland man Sam Ray and his revolving crew of collaborators and talented friends. These delicate yet 100% assured songs sprawl towards lo-fi enlightenment and might help you see the oneness of all things - maybe even the face of the Divine. Or, at the very least, it's good working music to have on in the background...which is really not that little of an accomplishment at all. It's hard to find just the right sound to help get you through the mundane circular trudgery that is this endless transitory life and this might be it.

Earlier this year (which, as of this writing, is the year that I'm writing this in = circular statement for a circular life), Ricky Eat Acid released a gorgeously subdued album with bursts of beautiful, big time beats called “Three Love Songs." It features three songs plus (as an added bonus) nine more and is one fully realized album, brother. Songs include “In Rural Virginia, Watching Glowing Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners of The Room" and “Outside Your House The Lights Went Out & There Was Nothing" and there are more titles like that where those came from. Ten, to be exact.

(Ricky Eat Acid also released a 5 song EP this year called "Sun Over Hills." It's good and the beats have a bit more BOOM to them but I'd start with "Three Love Songs" and work your way forwards.)

OK. I'm now going to let you stream the full-length but please remember that the album is a complete listening experience so no skipping tracks allowed. We're on the honor system here because I can't stand around watching you listen to music all day. You gotta go one through twelve in order, start to finish, all the way, no cheats. Because with Ricky Eat Acid there are no half measures. Only fleeting dreams.

(*just made that “post-pastoral" term up, probably - but I think it works - if you don't please tell us in the comments section Oh My Rockness thankfully has never had)


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