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Sunflower Bean

December 14, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Did you know that in 2014 we listed more shows on Rockness for Sunflower Bean than any other band? It's totally true. We crunched the shit out of those numbers to come up with that fact. So who are they and why do they play out so much? #1 I'm about to tell you and #2 because playing shows is really fun.

Sunflower Bean play sludge-psych indiepop. Oh no he didn't just make up that “throw shit on the wall and see what sticks" genre. Yes, I did and yes they do. This band goes heavy and often bring the mighty riffs and rolling thunder. But you're also going to get little shimmering twinkle-y reverb-y jingle-jangles tossed gently in too. It's that contrast that makes it good. Can't have those sunsets without them clouds, though.

The band is comprised of three: Jacob Faber (drums) + Julia Cumming (vocals/bass) + Nick Kivlen (vocals/guitar). They live in Brooklyn and wrote a song called “Tame Impala." That's their heavy one and it sounds more like Yeah Yeah Yeahs than Tame Impala. I'm going to post it for you in a minute. But be sure to browse through this band's catalog. You won't hear jingle-jangle in “Tame Impala" but that doesn't mean it's not there in the song “2013." Give Sunflower Bean space. Give them time.

I wonder how many shows this band will play in 2015. Can it be more than 50? Because that's the number of shows we listed for Sunflower Bean in 2014. 50. That's the truth. Bet.


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