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Don Cab and DD/MM/YYYY team up for some nice noise.

February 23, 2009
Disclaimer you already know by now: this isn't really THE Don Caballero of '90s fame. It's just Damon Che and some other dudes. Sadly, the other original member, guitar god Ian Williams, is no longer a part of this band. He's off waging Battles.

Sweaty Che was always the highlight of a Don Cab show, though. Hands down the best indie rock drummer ever, he completely attacks his dual bass pedal kit with a fury never before seen, and usually he does it without wearing any pants (well, used to anyway). If someone has the balls (no pun intended) to drum on stage in their boxers, you know they're the shit.

Don Caballero practically invented the term math-rock and as they grew, their sound changed, developed, and continually amazed. It will be very interesting to see what this latest line-up does to the Don Cab legacy. Are we talking Chicago Bulls or are we talking Washington Wizards? One thing is for sure; it'll be another chance to see Che, a master of his craft, in all of his glory. It's a good thing his colossal drum kit hides his lower torso.

Opening is Toronto's DD/MM/YYYY (Day Month Year...cute, right?), are a quartet of energetic dudes that rock fun, lo-fi art-gadget noise similar to their stage-sharing buddies Dan Deacon, Videohippos and Team Robespierre. You'll find lots of glitchy and synthy spazz-outs, tempo-shifting guitar weird-outs, and vocals shouted-out in unison.

There is definitely a D.I.Y. aesthetic that pervades this bands sound (and this gadget-rock genre in general). It's all kind of like, "We're so into partying with you on the floor of your illegal venue space that we don't really need to worry about technique too much!"

And Day Month Year pulls it off, because this is indeed a good time. How can you not have fun to silly and scattered songs like "Mr. T Cereal" and "Gentle Dudes with Muscles." These guys tour all the time, so they'll just be getting better and trying to sound worse.


Don Caballero and DD/MM/YYYY play Reggie's, on Friday, February 27th.


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