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The Golden Filter is the great unknown (the PR blast tells us so).

February 17, 2009
So The Golden Filter is this new female-fronted dance band from NYC that sounds like Blondie. And here's the thing, The Golden Filter is really "mysterious." Do you know why I say they are mysterious? I say they are mysterious because I (and if I made the list, then several thousands others did too) got a press release blast from the PR company hired by the band or their label to tell everyone that The Golden Filter is really "mysterious."

Hmmm, not sure true mystery is exactly shrouded in press releases. And if you are serious about being a mysterious band, you can't go right out and just say it. Lack of subtlety is no mystery. Nor does it make you a band of mystery if you take lots of pictures (that you post on MySpace, of course) with long hair strategically placed in front your face, or sun rays that happen to be just so bright that it's hard to decipher your features.

But I digress for a second. The Golden Filter is certainly catchy in their electro-ness, and the band is playing a bunch of dates with The Presets, so that's cool. But really, no one cares about the mystery angle... unless the woman who sings in this band happens to be Margot Kidder in disguise. Now THAT would be a mystery. Why would Margot Kidder be in a dance band that sounds like Blondie?


The Golden Filter play Sonoteque, on Friday, February 27th.


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