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What Moon Things

November 30, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

New Paltz's What Moon Things is a band of three (Jake handles guitar/vocals, John does drums, Chris booms bass) that make romantically tragic post-something ramshackle punk. It flies and dives and swoops and steers and just might drop down into the distorted crevice of your indie rock loving heart.

The band released an excellent eight song self-titled album earlier this year that features not one but two songs about vampires. It's a slow, moody, brooding, dark journey (except when everything is up in flames) and one I highly encourage you taking because life isn't always puppies and gravy and ice cream cakes, baby. And if you keep walking with it you'll get to the parts that rock and really make you feel alive. Worth the trip, I'd say.

I can't really give you some other band comparisons in order to convince you to give these guys a chance because they sound too original (sorry about that) but I can tell you that as of this writing What Moon Things are playing shows with Porches and LVL UP - two fine bands in their own right.

I hope this information gives you the strength and courage to stream What Moon Thing's album I have so conveniently posted for you below. Just trying to get you to open the door, man. You've already knocked by coming this far. It's now time to step inside.


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