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Passion Pit plays it all happy-like.

January 12, 2009
Passion Pit is an instantly likeable (bordering on joyful) new band out of Boston that's the product of Michael Angelakos' inventive imagination. This guy must dance when he dreams. Passion Pit's story goes that Angelakos made a mixtape (featuring original work and samples... not "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel) for his girlfriend for Valentines Day. She must have REALLY liked it, because it became the much-loved EP that Frenchkiss (The Dodos, Les Savy Fav) re-issued the EP during the latter half of '08.

Passion Pit features original electro melodies combined with happy samples culled from all over the (previously recorded) place. Live, the band is an exuberant experience, featuring a full band of five that uses a mix of guitars, drums and synths that will make you smile and dance and smile just a bit more.

The guys have played recently with Girl Talk (a perfect stage partner), Sunset Rubdown, and even opened for Death Cab. Think of a cross between Professor Murder and The Go! Team. And they seem to get a lot of MGMT comparisons too. Maybe they're just a less cheesy Postal Service? Who knows. But these guys are good and are going to blow up soon.

Passion Pit plays Schubas, on Tuesday, January 27th.


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