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The Soft Pack: The name changes but the songs remains the same.

January 5, 2009
San Diego's The Soft Pack comes to town to take part in Schubas' annual "Tomorrow Never Knows" music festival. Wait, who? Oh sorry, The Soft Pack were formerly called The Muslims. I guess they got some heat on that name or something, so they changed it. Perhaps they should have thought a few more days before coming up with The Soft Pack moniker, but alas, the new name stands.

This young and hyping band plays really good lo-fi punk that's seeped in modern music history. It's sort of sloppy, and probably fueled by booze, and if you shut your eyes you just might think you're listening to the Voidoids giving the CBGB's crowd an earful. The Soft Pack certainly come with that old-school swagger.

There's not a whole lot of intricate orchestration going on in The Soft Pack's songs. The bass just sort of plunks along to the easy-going drum thumps, and the laconic guitars do their best to not shred too much (though there are a couple of nice surf solos thrown in there).

Listening to The Soft Pack you sort of think, "Hey, even I could do that." But hey, you didn't do that. They did. And that's punk rock.

The Soft Pack plays Schubas' "Tomorrow Never Knows Festival" on Wednesday, January 14th.


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