((Var)) Band Profile and Upcoming Chicago Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Vår (formerly War) is a really, really engaging (that means they're good) duo from Denmark that features Loke Rahbeck and Elias Bender Rønnenfel (of the mighty Iceage). Together, they make fiercely raw analog synth punk that's not only dark and destructive, but also highly danceable. Say huh?

So Vår is all about taking clashing genres (raw, foreboding punk + dance music? --- wait, is that goth?) and mash-up them up to make something great. With the dark undertones (they have a song about fratricide, for goodness sake) that come with these appealing punk booms (I dance to it... I danced to song about fratricide), I guess this is kind of like a Cold Cave-ish type situation. But it is WAY less produced. The dudes made this on a four-track in their basement, after all.

Vår is making music that is most unlike anything you've ever heard. And it's somehow stand-offish and immediately accessible at the same time. If that doesn't make sense, neither does it make sense that no one has done this before (or named their band Vår for that matter... actually, I'm sure someone has done that... right?).

I hope these guys tour because I want to see how they pull this off from the stage. Maybe their evil plan is for everyone in the crowd to drop dead... from too much dancing. If that's the case, oh well. There are worse ways to go.

Published February 2, 2012



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