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Phoenix's The Young Friends are indeed young. Both members are 17 years old to be exact (which won't be exact should you find yourself reading this in 2011 or something). No word on whether they're actually friends too, as all too often collaborative bands are comprised of mortal enemies (we've seen Behind the Music, so we know how it goes).

Here's what you need to know about these two teens: if you like clean guitar jingle-jangle with plenty of pop pep and just the right amount of messiness, you will like The Young Friends. If you like your three-minute songs to feel just like a laid-back sunny summer day, you will also like The Young Friends.

If you are a fan of Knight School, Surfer Blood, the singer of The Ponys, The Drums and/or Tyvek, you will probably like The Young Friends. If you like twee, or even punk, there's a chance you will like The Young Friends.

If you like rip-roaring riffs and feedback straight from the harrowing depths of HADES, you probably won't like The Young Friends. But then again, metal-heads have more varied tastes than people think. Don't sell them short.

Anyway, just like any good peppy pop band, these songs blow by fast. So pay attention. You don't want to miss all the good jingle-jangle. Jingle-jangle foreva!
Published June 3, 2010



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