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London's The xx (don't even think about capitalizing either one of those x's) rock the serious Alt & B. Oh, you know what I mean by Alt & B. You're familiar, of course, with that silky smooth Dirty Projector's "Stillness is the Move" song, right? That song's totally Alt & B. How about Grizzly Bear's chill (and just slightly funkdafied) "Two Weeks" song? 100% Alt & B. The princess pioneer of Alt & B just might be Fiona Apple, but what has she ever done for us lately?

Anyway, The xx are fairly new to the Alt & B club (side note: Alt & B is not to be confused with hipster-hop), but they're already getting hyped up there (Europe) and here (my bedroom).

These two girls and two dudes creep their way through suave and just sort of overall seductive songs. Actually, this electro-pop makes me think of naked vampires. Is that weird? They've got that slightly goth New Wave synth thing going on, and some seriously slinky bass lines, and seductive male/female vocals that just seem to be out for your blood.

Yep, The xx are just like naked vampires. Fine new members of Club Alt & B.
Published March 12, 2010



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